Responsible Economic Growth

My family settled in South Knox because we saw its potential and in the years that we’ve lived here we’ve seen some big changes.  Since the re-opening of Henley Bridge there has been a boom in South Knoxville with the expansion of the Urban Wilderness, the Southern Waterfront, the many new businesses, and the quick turn-overs in real estate.  I want our booming economic growth to represent our community by supporting responsible and sustainable development.   That doesn’t mean simply paving the way for developers.  My vision for South Knoxville is one of diversity and innovation.  I advocate for establishing a way to create new investment in small businesses to start or expand here and for incoming developments being ones that will enhance our community rather than take away from its culture.


Safer, Stronger Communities

As your City Councilman, I will push for immediate improvement to the streets, neighborhood lighting, and signage. All the economic growth in the world won’t be enough if we still don’t have safe neighborhoods.  I want to see added sidewalks and repairs to the existing ones so that our children and neighbors don’t have to walk in the streets.  I want to see stronger communities and more events that encourage our citizens to come together for the future of South Knoxville.


A Sustainable South Knoxville

We can’t continue to ignore the impact that we have on our environment.  If we are to have a prosperous future, it MUST be a sustainable one.  Even as our city grows, we must take steps to make sure our neighborhoods are safe, beautiful, and sustainable.  This means making sure that businesses are being responsible with their practices and encouraging incentives for those who use green energy.  It also means getting citizens involved individually and encouraging eco-culture and the easing of regulations on such.  By taking vacant lots and turning them into community gardens we can provide opportunities for urban farming while building communities and giving people skills and healthier food options.  I am committed to creating a greener and more livable Knoxville for my family and yours.